Vladislav Vildanov

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Vladislav Vildanov
Born April 5, 1990

Perm, USSR


Bachelor thesis: "Numerical simulation of steady flow in nozzles", (Russian version)

Research interests[править]

  • Finite Element modeling of fracture in crystalline blades
  • Failure criteria for perfect crystals
  • Optimal control of manipulator
  • Numerical simulation of gas flow in nozzles using Godunov’s method
  • Simulation of hydraulic fracturing using Displacement Discontinuity Method


  • CAD/CAD,DEM Software: ANSYS, Abaqus, Solid Works
  • Math Software: Wolphram Mathematica, MathLab, MathCAD
  • Programming Languages: Pascal, C++, C#

Research projects[править]

  • 2010-2012 Numerical simulation of steady flow in nozzles (Russian version)
  • 2012-2013 Modeling of hydraulic fracturing using Displacement Discontinuity Method (Russian version)
  • 2012-date Failure criteria for crystalline blades
  • 2014-date Analysis of long-term strength of the steam turbine blade (Russian version)


  • Lutmanov S.V., Vildanov V.R., Sozonov N.S., Popova E.S., Kuksyonok L.V. One optimal control problem with variable initial point and fixed endpoint // Journal of Young Scientists of PSU, 2011, (Russian version)
  • Lutmanov S.V., Vildanov V.R., Popova E.S. One optimal control problems with variable points // Proc. of International Conference “Week of Science”, SPbSTU, 2012, (Russian version)


  • International Summer School-Conference "Advanced Problems in Mechanics", Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2013 (member of local organizing committee)
  • Week of Science, SPbSTU, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2012
  • Advanced Problems in Mathematics, Mechanics and Informatics, Perm, Russia, 2011


  • Award for the Best Presentation on conference "Advanced Problems in Mathematics, Mechanics and Informatics", Perm, Russia, 2011.


  • E-mail: vladislav.vildanov@gmail.com
  • Phone: +7-911-843-34-66
  • Skype: vlad.vildanov