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About Project[править]

Self-robot designed to detect any employees of the company or the like Organization for parties.


Сhallenge and Solution[править]

1. Make it so that the robot stops in front of the photo (the problem is not resolved)

What can be improved?[править]

1. The body of the robot. Make it closed.

2. Add the voice recognition.

3. Make it so that the pictures were taken on the SD-card memory and not on the micro-computer (Raspberry Pi)


Dyatlova Polina: Autor,moderator

Sascenko Uliana: Engineer (SolidWorks)

Dyatlov Ilya: Engineer (SolidWorks)

Lieder Roman: Designer

Arendt Melanie: Designer

Samodelkin Stanislav: Engineer

Opochanskii Alexandr: Programmer

Nikulin Vsevolod: Programmer

Davidovich Dmitrii: Moderator