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Nikhil Mohanan

Graduate Student
MSc Mechanics and Mathematical Modelling
Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics
Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU).


Laboratoire de Mecanique des Solides
Supervisor: Dr. Manas Upadhyay
  • MSc, Mechanics and Mathematical Modelling, SPbSTU, 2018-2020
Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics
Supervisor: Dr. Vitaly Kuzkin
Laboratorie de Mecanique des Solides(LMS),
Supervisor: Dr. Manas V Upadhyay
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Federal Institute of Science and Technology, (with honors)
Bachelor Thesis : Turbocharger Implementation on Naturally - Aspirated Petrol Engine for higher fuel Economy, Supervisor: Asst. Prof. Chinmayakrishnan G


Research Areas/Interests[править]


  • Thermo-Elasto-Plastic Micromechanical Model for Additive Manufacturing (Python-FEniCS)
  • EVP FFT Crystal Plasticity Modeling (C++/Fortran90)
  • Planar3D-Layered Hydraulic Fracture Modeling (C++)
  • Seismicity Prediction during Hydraulic Fracture- Modeling (C++)


  • Explicit Dynamics and Impact Modelling (AUTODYN/LS Dyna)
  • TNT and C4 Explosion Modelling on Structures(ANSYS AUTODYN)
  • Brittle and Ductile Structural Analysis (ANSYS Mechanical APDL)
  • Axial Buckling, Lateral Torsional Buckling and Dynamic Testing (ANSYS Mechanical APDL)
  • Soil Structure Interactions and Piles (ANSYS Mechanical APDL)
  • Topological Optimization using (Tosca Optimization Coupled with ANSYS Mechanical APDL)
  • Cyclic Response and Seismic Studies in connection with ATC24 Testing Protocol (ANSYS Mechanical APDL)
  • Two Way Coupled Fluid Structure Interaction (ANSYS Mechanical APDL coupled with ANSYS FLUENT)
  • Turbo Compressor Modelling and Transient Simulation (ANSYS FLUENT)
  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers and Chevron Type Plate Heat Exchanger Modelling (ANSYS FLUENT/CFX)
  • Diesel Combustion and IC Engines Modelling (ANSYS FLUENT)
  • Energy Separation in Vortex Generators (ANSYS FLUENT)
  • Jet-Impingement Cooling Systems (ANSYS Fluent)

Publications/ Conference Proceedings[править]


  • Finite Element Modeling - ANSYS Workbench (Lab)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics - ANSYS FLUENT (Lab) (SPBPU)


  • CAD/CAE Software: Creo Parametric
  • Analysis Software : ANSYS- Mechanical APDL/Workbench, AUTODYN, Workbench LS-Dyna, CFX, FLUENT, Hydrodynamics
  • Math Software: Matlab
  • PC languages: C/C++/FORTRAN90/HTML
  • Parallel Computing: CUDA/OPENACC/OPENMP

Scholarship Awards[править]

  • Erasmus+KA107 Student Research Mobility Grant (Feb-July 2020)
  • Ecole Polytechnique International Internship Fellowship (June-Sept 2019)
  • Central Sector Scholarship for College & University Students (2011-2015)
  • Cochin Port Employees Welfare Association Sholarship (2011-2015)

Other Internships[править]

International Volunteering[править]

  • International Education Project, Organized by AIESEC in Poznan, Poland (March-April 2018)


  • 2nd International Conference on Global Colloquium in Recent Advancements and Effectual Researches in Engineering, Science and Technology (RAEREST), Kerala, India
  • ASME 2017 Gas Turbine India Conference (GTINDIA2017), Banalore, India

Outlook Towards Life[править]

  • "Life is One Moment at a Time, Enjoy Each Moment!"
  • "What Doesn't Kill You, Makes You Stronger!"




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