Implementation of V model in LIGGGHTS

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Версия от 01:37, 23 ноября 2012; Kuzkin (обсуждение | вклад) (Supporters and Contributors)

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Soon: pictures, more detailed explanation, example run-file commands for liggghts.

„Implementation of the V Model in LIGGGHTS” is a joint project at SPbSTU with JKU.

Supporters and Contributors[править]


LIGGGHTS is an Open Source Discrete Element Method Particle Simulation Software.


The article is based on the paper V.A. Kuzkin and I.E. Asonov "Vector-based model of elastic bonds for simulation of granullar solids "

Implementing V-Model into LIGGGHTS[править]

In order to implement V-Model into LIGGGHTS, necessary functions are split in 4 classes. One to create the bonds, one to calculate the forces and pass them to liggghts, one to propagate intact and remove broken bonds, and one to initialize an atomstyle containing all the properties necessary for each atom.

  • Bond Creation: fix_bond_create_v.cpp/h

- connected to inputscript by “FixStyle(bond/create/v,FixBondCreateV)”

- Checking for Bonding conditions

- If Bonding conditions are fulfilled, bond will be created and initialized.

  • Force Calculation: bond_v.cpp/h

- connected to inputscript by “BondStyle(vbond/BondV)”

- Loop through all bonds and calculate forces on particles.

  • Bond Propagation: fix_bond_propagate_v.cpp/h

- connected to inputscript by “FixStyle(bond/propagate/v,FixBondPropagateV)”

- propagate bond contact history

- remove bonds

  • Atom Properties: atom_vec_bond_v.cpp/h

- connected to inputscript by “AtomStyle(bond/v,AtomVecBondV)”

- contain atom properties (location, velocities,…)


A new applicable Bondstyle based on the V Model has been succesfully implemented into liggghts framework and can be used via inputscripts just as other functions of liggghts.


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