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  • Ph.D., SPbSPU, Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 2013
  • M.Sc., Mechanics and Process Control department, SPbSPU, 2010
  • B.Sc., Mechanics and Process Control department,SPbSPU, 2008
  • Lyceum №632, SPbSPU, 2002-2004

Additional edducation programs

  • International Centre for Mechanical Sciences (CISM), Udine, Italy.

"Generalized Continua from the Theory to Engineering Applications"

Scientific interests

  • Biomechanics
  • Classical and hyperbolical thermoelasticity
  • Nonlinear waves
  • Applications of finite difference method

Educational projects

We assembled Scott's [1] model that demonstrates еру non-linear wave behaviour in solution of sin-Gordon equation.

Scott's model in motion:

I'm deeply gratefull to Andrey Golubchikov, Photomechanics™ for professional video and photographs and to Andrey Murachev for his assistance.


  1. M.B. Babenkov, E.A. Ivanova, Analysis of the wave propagation processes in heat transfer problems of the hyperbolic type, Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics, 2013, DOI: 10.1007/s00161-013-0315-8
  2. M.B. Babenkov, Propagation of harmonic perturbations in a thermoelastic medium with heat relaxation, Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics, 2013, V.5, N.2, P.277-286
  3. M.B. Babenkov, Analysis of dispersion relations of a coupled thermoelasticity problem with regard to heat flux relaxation, Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics, 2011, V.52, N.6, P.941-949


  1. M.B. Babenkov, Analysis of wave propagation in Thermoelastic medium with heat flux relaxation // Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Mechanics of Materials Conference. Paris, France. 2011. P.107;
  2. M.B. Babenkov, Dispersion relations in the coupled problem of thermoelasticity // Proceedings of XXXVIII Summer School “Advanced Problems in Mechanics” St. Petersburg, Russia. 2010. P.26;
  3. A.I. Borovkov, D.S. Mikhalyuk, M.B. Babenkov, Finite-element modelling of contact stress in human knee with regard to angle of pathologic deformation // Proceedings of XIV National Conference “Fundamental studies and innovations in national research universities” St. Petersburg, Russia. 2010. V.1 P.50-51;
  4. Annual International Conference “Days on Diffraction” 2012: “Analysis of the plane wave propagation in a thermoelastic half space with regard to a heat flux relaxation constant”;
  5. VI International Scientific Conference on Mechanics “Polyakhov’s reading” 2012: “The dynamic coupled thermoelasticity problem with heat flux relaxation for half-space”;
  6. Seminar on Acoustics of East-European Acoustical Association 2011: “Propagation of harmonic waves in thermoelastic continuum with heat flux relaxation”;
  7. Seminar on Acoustics of East-European Acoustical Association 2010: “Comparative analysis of various equations of coupled thermoelasticity problem”;
  8. Seminar on Acoustics of East-European Acoustical Association 2009: “The dispersion relations in the coupled thermoelasticity”;

Software knowledge

  • ANSYS;
    • modeling of a contact problem in the human knee
  • Simple Ware, Official page
    • modeling of human bones, soft tissues and joints
    • layered knee surfaces
  • Wolfram Mathematica;
    • analytical investigation of the dynamic problem of coupled thermoelasticity

Contact information

Babenkov Mikhail Borisovich

  • Phone: Tlphne.png
  • E-mail: Postaddr.png
  • Skype: Skpe.png


  1. Scott, A.C.: A Nonlinear Klein-Gordon Equation, American Journal of Physics 37(1), 52-61 (1969)