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There are opportunities for the international education:
There are opportunities for the international education:
[[International Master Degree Programme]] - program for international students.  
[[International Master Degree Program]] - program for international students.  
[[Double Degree Programme]] - program for russian students.
[[Double Degree Program]] - program for russian students.
==International partners and projects==
==International partners and projects==

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Foreign policy of Department "Theoretical Mechanics"

International cooperation is one of the most important branches of department of "Theoretical Mechanics" activities that makes contribution to training of highly qualified specialists, development of priority areas in mechanical science and high quality education.

The Department maintains close relations with many foreign educational establishments, public, state, and international organizations, including Universities from Austria, France, Germany, Finland, USA, Great Britain, CIS countries and more. Complete list here

Over 50 teaching staff members of the Department are members of one or several foreign and international scientific and professional societies, organizations, associations.

Annually the Department "Theoretical Mechanics" hosts more than 10 international scientific and educational events: conferences, symposia, seminars, trainings and schools.

Basic objectives and directions of the international activities


  • Promotion of academic mobility of students and faculty.
  • International experience based development of innovative forms of mechanical education, science and mathematical modelling.
  • Intensification of modern knowledge and technologies exchange.


  • Cooperation with abroad higher educational institutions in the fields of mechanical education, science and mathematical modeling, promotion of academic mobility of students and academic staff.
  • Scientific cooperation within international projects and agreements.
  • Cooperation with various international organizations, engineering and scientific societies and professional associations.
  • Formulation and implementation of optimal international activities.

Academic mobility

A lot of international students and post-graduates have completed some internships at Department "Theoretical Mechanics" today. And also a lot of TMs students have had different international internships and trainings.

There are opportunities for the international education:

International Master Degree Program - program for international students.

Double Degree Program - program for russian students.

International partners and projects

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Igor Berinskii is responsible for establishing and developing of external relations, cooperation with abroad partners, academic mobility of students.