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MSc Advanced Dynamics of Discrete and continuum System

Objective of the programme The programme is conducted with the participation of key professors of SPBSPU`s Institute of Mathe-matics and Mechanics and leading European technical universities. The underlying concept of MSc program “Advanced Dynamics of Discrete and continuum System” is a balanced combination of the funda-mental and practical backgrounds, using methods of mechanics for the description of dynamic processes in different areas such as mechanics, physics, biology, sociology, economy and etc. All lectures and examinations are conducted in English.

To prepare the highly skilled scientists and engineers with a deep theoretical background and practical experience in theoretical mechanics, computational mechanics, IT, mathematical modelling and simulations, and distributed computing. Also this MSc program improves a leadership, analytical, cross-cultural and organizational qualities. Upon graduation participants will have acquired the knowledge and skills needed for a future successful career in top positions in international engineering and research companies

Key advantages 1. The graduated students have a chance to get an interesting and a well-paid job at the research in-stitutes, centres and labs. Also they can work at R&D and engineering departments of oil and gas, automotive, power and engineering, aerospace and other companies.

2. Balanced combination of the theoretical courses in mechanics and mathematics with the practical exercises, workshops and training sessions in IT, simulations and distributed computing.

3. Unique opportunities for international mobility. Possible semester abroad at academic partners of SPbSPU. Double degree options with European universities.

4. The programme offers a unique opportunity for joint study of Russian students with students from other countries, the opportunity to participate together in academic and extracurricular activities of SPbSPU.

5. Support of students individual research project and technical ideas

Programme structure

Compulsory courses, elective courses, MSc thesis. Compulsory lecture courses and a Mas-ter's theses are included into the syllabus of a student. The students have to choose one of the elective courses presented in groups А, В, C, D, E or F from the list below to get 120 ECTS to complete the program.

Program content:

1 semester (30 credits)

• Computational mechanics

• Foundations of nanomechanics

• Modern problems of mechanics

• IT technologies in mechanics

• Algebra and analysis of tensors

• Integral equations and variations calculations

• Foreign language

2 semester (30 credits)

• Statistical Physics

• History and methodology of mathematics and mechanics

• Waives in solids

• IT technologies in mechanics

• Biomechanics

• Dynamics of discrete medium

• Mechanics of shells

• Nonlinear dynamics processes

• Foreign language

3 semester (30 credits)

• Dynamics of discrete medium

• IT technologies in mechanics

• Personal research project

4 semester (30 credits)

• Semesters thesis/ industrial internship

• MSc thesis preparation

Teaching methods

World famous professors are invited to give the sort and long-time courses. Individual training plan based on scientific interests of the student – a choice of a case study, working in cross-cultural teams, experts workshops, visits on enterprises and internships at scientific centers in St. Petersburg. Special recourses of the SPbSPU supercomputing center a digital fabrication laboratory FabLabSPbSPU will be open for stu-dents. Every student enrolled in MSc Advanced Dynamics of Discrete and continuum System is offered to study semester abroad on European universities.

Magistral staff

Krivtcov Anton Miroslavovich, prof., D.Sc., Head of the Department TM, supervisor.

Indeitcev DA, Director Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering Russian Academy of Science , prof., Dr.

Linkov AM, prof., Dr.

Porubov AV, prof., Dr.

Ivanova EA, prof., Dr.

Loboda OS, Ph.D.

Kuzkin VA, Ph.D.

Berinskii IE, Ph.D.

EA Podolsky, Ph.D.

Le-Zakharov AA, Ph.D.

Panchenko A Ph.D. student

Le-Zakharov SA, Ph.D. student

Udo Nakenhorst, prof.

Wenzhe Shan Ph.D. student

Antonio Castellanos, prof.

Sergei Antoniuk, prof.

Matija Alatalo, prof.

Gennady Mishuris, prof.

Laboratories and equipment

1. Laboratory of the Department "Theoretical Mechanics": supercomputers, 3D-model of the crystal structures, models of machines and mechanisms

2. FabLabPolytech: milling machines for metal cutting machine for wood, 3D-printers, laser cutter and engraver, cutting plotter, laser machine, bending machine, bandsaw

3. Studio "Photomechanics": equipment for high-speed video and photomicrography, photographic equipment,