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Материал из Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
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== Skills ==
== Skills ==
== Unscientific interests ==
== Unscientific interests ==
== Contacts ==
* ''Dmitriy Sergeevich Perets''
* '''Phone number:''' +7(999)202-37-45
* '''Mail:''' []
* ''''''

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Dmitriy Sergeevich Perets
Student of Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
IAMM, Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University


Leading engineer Interinstitutional Laboratory of Comparative Ecological and Physiological Studies IEPhB RAS



Classification of signals of bioelectric activity of a brain with the help of wavelen-transform

Military duty

Lieutenant of air defense of the Air Force of the Russian Federation, officer of investigation of a condition of air space

Participation in scientific projects

Teaching activity


Unscientific interests