Abobaker Mohammed

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Welcome to my personal website. I am Mohammed Abobaker currently PhD student working with Professor Anton Krivtsov in the Department of Theoretical Mechanics at St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University.


Job experience[править]

Scientific interests[править]

  • Perturbation Methods for Differential Equations
  • Astrodynamics
  • parabolic partial differential equations

Scientific projects[править]

  • Project: “Zemlya-Luna” (Russian: Земля – Луна, meaning Earth-Moon).

Nonscientific interests (hobbies, sports, travel, etc.)[править]

  • Reading
  • Traveling

Any additional information on your choice[править]

Selected publications[править]

  1. MSc thesis: Motion of a satellite in the gravitational field of slowly rotating planet.


Contact information[править]

  • Phone: +(44)-(0)7803000775 (UK) and 89110939159 (Russia)
  • Email: mhmdbb@yahoo.com