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Comment 1

What I want you to do:

  1. Make one more link from the project page to this one (from the begining, where link to mine part is located); (DONE)
  2. Using 2nd level titles to number videos looks better, or you can use "gallery" like on Fencing project page ,but it'll be hard to make comments;(DONE but it still looks strange)
  3. I think you need to add more text there... Or this page is just for videos;
    1. If it's so then I didn't found your page;
    2. Write more text, but it shouldn't be water, you should describe what you have done:
      1. Software which and why;
      2. Effects;
      3. Quality improvement;
      4. Playing speed (FPS);
      5. etc...
  4. And one more time... Fast move == Real time move, but not what is shown in your "Fast move" it should be something like the video from usual camera (your phone camera). I do not want to tell you why it should be so, I already told you enough times...(DONE)
  5. Add Category "студ проекты". Like on any other project page; (DONE)

P.S. You can call me for more details via Skype...
P.P.S. Good photo on your personal page, I'm glade to see that I'm no longer talking to a sleeping cat =)))

Sincerely yours, Dainis Dzenushko

Comment 2

Other things:

  1. It looks like it would look better if you will use gallery for videos and without numbers like "1 video" etc...
  2. Name "Projects in this project" is strange case this page itself is a part of Fencing project, so the better name is Other projects in Project Fencing

Sincerely yours, Dainis Dzenushko

Comment 3

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